Graphical overview

How does Omnia work?

The graphic below shows how Omnia works:omnia-graphical-overview-01


The input is subdivided into two separate flows:

  • Internal input: this is all input that you can connect to Omnia. This can be product information via a feed, marketing information via the Google API connection, or your commercial (pricing) strategy via the business rules
  • External input: this is all data we gather for you. We receive pricing information based on the articles you feed to us. You can also use real-time weather and time information to define and further narrow down your commercial strategy. 

Omnia Engine

The Omnia engine calculates the optimal price based on all the different inputs. It can calculate prices on product level, category level, or any other level as long as you define this in your commercial strategy. The calculation process runs 4 times a day

You can always check why a certain price advice is calculated by using the Show Me Why functionality. 


After Omnia calculates the prices, you can extract these prices via a report. This report can be fully integrated with your own ERP system or e-commerce platform by setting up the correct export settings