Process times pricing

An explanation on the multiple pricing runs during a day

Omnia goes through several different steps to calculate dynamic prices and export these prices through reports. As explained in the graphical overview, our software has several different processes that all run consecutively. One chain of these consecutive steps is called a run.


There are four runs throughout the day. This means that, depending on your license, we are able to give you a maximum of four Pricewatch exports and four Dynamic Pricing calculations a day.


Connect - Every run starts with the import of all the feeds that are connected to a shop. More about the basics in this article.

Pricewatch – The Pricewatch export file with all competitor pricing data can be shared only after we have matched your imported data with the prices of competitors.

Dynamic Pricing – After all relevant competitor information is in our database, we can start calculating the dynamic prices based on your pricing strategy.

Report Exports – We can automatically export a report up to 5 times a day. You can select the runs you would like to receive a report for in the export settings.


Note - You can also manually force imports and exports at any time during the day. More about a manual import is explained in this article, and more about exporting a report can be found here. Please note that manually forcing imports and exports does not kick off an entire run. 


Competitor data update frequency

The frequency of competitor pricing data updates differs per data source. The table below shows the update frequency of the different data sources:

Data source 

Process time

Google Shopping, Amazon, Idealo

continuous throughout the day 

Vergelijk, Kieskeurig, Tweakers

four times per day

Direct scraping

four times per day