Final pricing test

Check how your business rules affect the price advices of individual articles

After you have created the business rules in Omnia according to your pricing strategy, you might want to check how these rules impact the pricing of certain articles. Or perhaps you would like to see why a certain advice price is given for one of the articles within your assortment.

This is where the test screen comes in handy! We call it the Show Me Why. You can find this test screen by clicking the test button in the bottom of the Pricing strategy page.

If you click this button, a new panel pops up. Here, you can enter any EAN that is in your assortment. After clicking the run button, our dynamic pricing engine starts to calculate the price advice for the selected article.

Price-elasticity based calculation – This part shows the price advice based on the elasticity engine. This part is only relevant when you have implemented the elasticities in your portal.

Manual price overrides - This section shows all business rules that are applicable to the article selected. Additionally, it shows the impact it has on the price advice. Here you can see which business rules are relevant for this article and what the effect is of certain actions on the price.

Result - These numbers shows the final price advice the dynamic pricing engine selected, based on the two steps above.

Note – Inconsistency price advice and Show Me Why
The final price advice that is shown in the Show Me Why is a live calculation. This means that every time you run the calculation via this screen, the advice price based on the latest available information will be calculated.

The price advices you receive via a report are calculated four times per day. Therefore, the live price advice might deviate from the one you received in a report.