Export settings

Receive the Pricewatch export file via e-mail or FTP

There are two ways to receive the Pricewatch export file: via e-mail or FTP. You can change these settings in the Export data section under Pricewatch export:

Export via e-mail

You can choose to receive the Pricewatch export via e-mail. This means that you will receive an e-mail with the CSV file, containing all pricing data.

If you would like to receive the Pricewatch export on multiple e-mail addresses, separate multiple e-mail addresses with a semicolon.

Note – If you do not receive the Pricewatch export, please check your spam filter. If it is not in your spam filter, your Pricewatch export file may be too big for your email-provider to process. The maximum filesize we can export is 30mb. If this is the case, we recommend you set up an FTP connection for export.


Upload export to FTP

You can also choose to receive the Pricewatch export file on an FTP location. Just enter the location and login details of the FTP in this export data section.

Note – You might need to whitelist our IP addresses. Please find more about our IP addresses in this article.

The “status email” textbox is a tool that keeps your team updated whenever there is an export. When you enter an email into this box, we will send an e-mail to this address every time we have uploaded a new file to your FTP location.