Checklist: safety measures

With full pricing automation comes great responsibility. This checklist helps to ensure you have all the right safety measures in place.

Safety measures are present in all sections of Omnia. In this article we walk through all different sections and list what should be in place. 


In Connect you add filters that prevent products with missing purchase prices to enter the system. Additionally, in here you create the custom field that calculates your minimum margin price, which is  used in your minimum margin business rule.

Pricing Strategy:

As last rule in your pricing strategy, you should have your minimum margin check. This rule is fully explained in the business rules article. Besides your minimum margin rule, you can also create fallback actions that take place whenever an action cannot be executed. This way you can add extra safety nets in your pricing strategy. 

Note: Always ensure the margin check is the last rule in your strategy!

In your Price Advice report, you should include a field that calculates the difference between the new price and the current selling price. This way you can filter out products with a price advice bigger than a certain bandwidth. You can create an additional report with a reverted filter that only shows changes outside this bandwidth for manual approval. This is all explained in more detail here

Alerts & notifications:
Set up email alerts in case Omnia has errors in importing your product feed or exporting it back into you systems. Additionally, subscribe yourself to our Statuspage to receive product/maintenance announcements and incident updates.