Price advice report

Extract the price advices out of Omnia

After applying the logic that is set in your pricing strategy, Omnia calculates a price advice for each article. This price advice is stored in a mapping field called Price Advice. You can export these price advices via a report to process into your own system. 

Create a price advice report
In order to create a price advice report, you need to add a new report via the usual method. In this report you have to configure a number of export fields, depending on the necessary information you want to extract:


- EAN: often necessary to link the exported price advices to the products in your own product management system.

- Old price: lets you compare the price advices with the old prices.

- Price Advice: shows the actual calculated price advice. In case you would like to include the set fixed prices, you also need to define this in this export field.

- Price Difference: calculates the price advice to old price ratio. This can be used to set up a safety filter, which is explained in the next paragraph.

Tip - for simplicity's sake, you can just copy and paste the formulas below: 

Price advice:
If([Fixed Price]>0,[Fixed Price],If([Price Advice]>0,[Price Advice],[Selling Price]))

Price difference: 

If([Fixed Price]>0,[Fixed Price],If([Price Advice]>0,[Price Advice],[Selling Price]))/[Selling Price]

Note - the above mentioned Price Advice formula is an example. If you would like to include other costs (e.g. shipping costs), you can include these in the formula. More about how to set up formulas is explained in this article.

Add a safety filter

In some occasions it might not be desirable to follow a competitor price. This can happen when the advice is based on a very small number of competitors, and one is feeding a wrong price to the pricing sources. In this case, the price advice might be either too high or too low. 

If a situation like this arises, you might want to create a filter that excludes products from the export feed for which the price difference is too big. Below, you can see an example: all products with a difference of 30% or higher between the old and new price will be filtered out. More about adding filters is explained in this article


Set up export settings

In the export settings, you can decide how to export the price advices back to your own system. You can retrieve the report via e-mail or FTP. More on how to set up the export settings is explained in this knowledge base section