Adding filters

Filter out certain articles in a report export

In some cases, you might want to filter out certain products from a report export. This is possible through the filter settings of any report. 

You can add a new filter by clicking the (+) sign in the bottom of the page. This will open up a new screen that has two components:

1. The If-statement
With the if-statement in a filter, you can define the range of articles that you would like to select. You can add AND/OR operators to further narrow down the selection of articles. An example:


Note - Please note that you can only select export fields if-statement that are configured in the mapping section of this specific report.

2. Include or exclude products
You can select whether articles should be excluded or included.

If you select include this product you only retain the articles that are selected by the if-statement. The articles that do not meet the requirements of the if-statement will be excluded.

If you select exclude this product you'll filter out all articles that meet the requirements of the if-statement.