Recommended filters

The filters required for your success are highly specific to your datafeed. However, there are a couple of filters you might want to consider.

Excluding products without EAN and SKU 

For Omnia to import a product, it requires at least the EAN or SKU field to have a value. If it misses either of these, a warning will be shown in the import section.

To keep your portal clean and tidy, we recommend to filter out products where both values are empty. This way you can setup import alerts without receiving an alert for every run due to missing EAN and SKUs.

To set this up, configure your filter as following: 



Excluding products without a purchase price

This filter is only relevant if you are using our Dynamic Pricing module. 

In your Dynamic Pricing setup, you should always include a number of safety rules. For a lot of our customers, one of the safety rules is based on a minimum margin price or break even price. This requires the purchase price information to be present in the database. To ensure no price advices are below your minimum price, you can configure a filter that excludes products that have no purchase price available. 

To set this up, configure your filter as following: 



Tip: Alternatively, you can add this filter to your price advice report. This way you can still collect competitive pricing information for these products. Additionally, you can setup a report that shows what SKUs have missing pricing information and improve your master data.