Report exporting to (S)FTP

Export a report to your own FTP or SFTP location

Via the export settings you can choose to place a report on a predefined location. After setting this up, Omnia will then automatically put the report on your FTP or SFTP on the preselected days and times.


Via the dropdown you can select the FTP or SFTP option. After selection the format, enter the location and login credentials in this section. Finally, you select the preferred file format. Please note that you might need to whitelist our IP addresses before we can place a file on your (S)FTP location.

Using a filename with timestamp
If you would like to put a timestamp in the filename, you can use the today formula. An example: 

Price_Advice_report_' + Today('yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss',0,0,0,0) + '

Use public key authentication
The use of public key authentication is also possible. After checking the Use public key authentication box, you can set up a new key by uploading this key to Omnia. Our tool will then use this public key to access the SFTP.