How to map a field

Tips and tricks on how to connect and transform your internal data to Omnia

Before you can use data that is added to one of your feeds, you need to map this data from your feed to an import field in Omnia. You can edit a predefined import field by clicking it, and you can add a new field by clicking the plus sign in the bottom of the mapping overview. 

Step 1

If you add a new mapping field, you have to give this field a name. Please make sure to use a unique field name, as double field names are not allowed.

Also, you are required to select a value type for the new field. An explanation on these value types can be found here

Step 2

Next, you can select the content of this field. After clicking on the search bar, a drop-down will appear. Here you can select columns from all connected feeds.

Note - If you cannot find the column from your feed in the search box, please make sure to press the Update feed data button first! 

In this box you can create a formula to manipulate the data from the feed before it gets imported. More information about the mapping functions can be found on this page

Step 3

Specify the value type of the used field(s). You can specify the value type for every individual field. The sample shows a sample value of the field you are trying to map. 

Step 4

Test the mapping for errors by clicking the Test button. Before you can save a new mapping, you have to test the value that is entered. 

Step 5

If the test is successful, save the mapping by clicking the Save button.