Mapping functions

Manipulating fields with formulas

Sometimes the information exported by your ERP system is insufficient: the format of a field can be different than how you would like to use it or some information may be missing.

Luckily, within Omnia you can use formulas to transform the fields that you are using. These formulas are called mapping functions.   

A full overview of all formulas can be found on this page.



If you have a column in your feed with the color provided, but you would like to distinguish between primary colors or other colors, you can use a simple IF-statement for a mapping field:

Color_group = If([Color]='red'|| [Color]= 'yellow' || [Color]= 'blue', 'Primary color', 'Other color')

The new field color_group will, depending on the initial color provided in your basefeed, contain either primary color or other color as value.