Help! I can't find my product!

Don't worry — we are here to help. This article gives you a hands-on approach to see where your product has gone missing.

The first place to look is the Product Overview page. Search for the EAN or SKU that you are looking for and click the filter button. Be sure to uncheck "Show only matched products."

Found it, but the product is still not present in a report you created? Check the report filters.

If the product still doesn't appear in the report, you need to go one level deeper.

Start by ensuring the product is actually present in the basefeed.

Navigate to Connect > Configure Shop > Configure Feeds. Open the basefeed and download the feed. For HTTP locations, this can be done by copying the URL in your browser. If your feed is stored on a (S)FTP location you need to navigate there manually, for example using FileZilla

If you have your feed opened in Excel (csv) or a text editor (XML) you can use the find function (Control+F / Command + F) and look for the product. 

Did you find the product? Check your import filters to see why the product is being filtered out. 
If the product is also not in the basefeed, check your internal systems or contact your local IT-department.