Cleanup step three - Reports

How do we keep the portal clean and clear?

Clean up your Reports:

  1. The first step in cleaning up the report-section in Omnia, is to walk-through all inactive reports to check whether they can be deleted or discarded. You can select all active reports on the top of the report section to see all the reports that you are currently using. Furthermore, you can filter down all the reports that are exported to your sftp or by email. When all reports are checked on usability and the export settings are correct you can proceed to step two of the ‘Reports’-cleanup.
  2. Check the names of the reports and whether their purpose is clearly expressed by the report name. Below are some tips for naming these reports as clear and concise as possible:

Names of the reports:

Report to data provider

[Don't touch] Products Google Shopping

Live report for dynamic pricing

[Live] Price advice report

Reports used for imports (looped back)

[Linked] Report xyz

If you have multiple shops, be aware that you name the specific shop in the report name, so that it is easy to find the reports related to specific shops.

   3.   Another tip to check is whether the amount of records (products) included in the reports is in                  line with the expectations of the report. When this is not the case, it is wise to check the                          mapping and the filters applied to that certain report. Often filters are installed to get better                  insights and to downsize the number of products per report. However, this can also be a pitfall              when you filter out products that you do want to receive in the export. Therefore, always be                      careful when applying filters and do check them regularly to make sure you get most out of the              reporting insights of Omnia.