Use a Google Sheet

In some cases, it may be convenient to use a Google Sheets worksheet as a feed into Omnia. This article explains how to set this up.

Google Sheets has the functionality to publish worksheets to the web as CSV. A published CSV can be used as import feed.

Step 1: Create a Google spreadsheet in your Google drive.

Create the data set that you want to add to Omnia. Please ensure you have a common denominator so that you can link the data to the right products (read more on linking feeds here).

Step 2: Publish the datasheet to the web

Navigate to File and select "Publish to the web". Please remember that when publishing to the web, a URL is generated and the data can be accessed by anyone with that URL.

Select the sheet you want to connect to Omnia in the left drop-down menu. Choose "Comma-separated values(.csv)" in the right drop-down menu and click on publish.

You have now received a URL which you can add to Omnia via the regular “add new feed” process (see this article).