Top X

Include or mark a certain top number of products

With the Top X functionality, you can identify products based on different criteria so you can extract different information from Omnia. With this functionality it is not possible to automatically sort a file in a descending or ascending order based on a specific column, e.g. the results of the most current week above. 

For example, you can use the number of units sold to make a top 10 of products per category. 


You can add a Top X filter by clicking the (+) sign in the bottom of the page. The Top X filter has a number of components:

Group by
This dropdown lets you select the field that you would like to use to group the articles. For example, if you select category, you will select the Top X products per category. If you just want to sort articles (not grouped by a variable), you have to select a field that is unique for all products (e.g. EAN or SKU). 

Sort by
In this drop down you can select the field that will be used to sort the articles. Additionally, you can indicate whether you want the articles to be sorted ascending or descending. 

Take top
The option take top allows you to choose the number of articles per group you would like to select. For example, if you enter a 10, this effectively filters out all products from the feed that do not belong to the ‘Top 10 products based on units sold’ for their category.

Mark top

This option will indicate in a specific field whether a product belongs to the defined Top X or not. The report will then include an extra column with a 1 (belongs to Top X) or a 0 (does not belong to Top X).