Stock based pricing strategy

How to use stock levels in your pricing strategy

Suggestions for a more advanced stock based pricing method
This article covers the basics of what a stock-based pricing strategy is and how to implement it in the Omnia system. Of course, more advanced strategies are also possible, depending on what is relevant to the industry your company is operating in. The methods can vary from simple stock rules, to more advanced rules based upon stock levels, sales and seasonality. For information and help on all these more advanced strategies, please reach out to your CSM. Some examples of more advanced strategies are explained below.

Use the amount of sales over a period to trigger the up/downward price shift 
The amount of sales over the past week(s)/month(s) are variables that can also be used to determine when a product needs to increase or decrease in price. If you map these sales fields, you can use it in the business rules or pricing actions. Also, a more advanced implementation might be to use these variables to determine your stock coverage:

Stock coverage

Your stock coverage is the amount in stock divided by the sales over a certain period:

  #1 #2
Amount in stock 133 133
Sales last 4 weeks 12 84
Stock coverage 11.08 0.63

This stock coverage can be used in your pricing strategy: in the example above you might want to discount #1 - the stock levels are relatively high, whereas the amount of sales is quite low. In contrary, you might think about increasing your price for #2 as this article has relatively high amounts of sales compared to the stock level.  

Depending on the characteristics of the products you sell and the stock levels and sales volumes that are typical for your company, you can decide to split your articles into separate buckets. Based on these buckets, you can then create relevant business rules. Implementing a strategy like this ensures that 

Take into account end of season date
For some products, a low stock might not be a good trigger for an increase in price. For these products, that are usually seasonal products, you might want to decrease the price when the stock level decreases. By providing the end of season date in your feed to Omnia, this is something that can be taken into account. You can make a new field for this in the import mapping overview section.