Required data overview


Below you will find an overview of the required Omnia connect fields (marked with a black x) and the recommended but optional Omnia connect fields (marked with an o). Keep in mind that you can add as many additional fields as you would like.

  Pricewatch Dynamic Pricing
ID x x
EAN x x
SKU o o
Model ID   o
Product name x x
Description short o o
Brand x x
Supplier   o
Top level category o x
Mid level category o o
Low level category o o
Discounted from price   o
Recommended selling price   o
Selling price x x
Shipping costs   x
Purchase price   x
Logistical costs   o
VAT   o
Is on stock   o
Amount in stock   o
Delivery time 0 o
Units sold yesterday   o
Units sold 7 days ago   o
Units sold online yesterday   o
Units sold online 7 days ago   o
Image URL    
Size   o
Gender   o
Material   o
Color   o
Weight   o
Condition   o
Marketing cost   o