Product & pricing information

Show market dynamics and competitor information of specific products

The product a pricing information popup is where you’ll find more specific information about products. You can select up to five different products to compare in this popup screen.

Besides the known product information, this overview shows you the market dynamics of the selected products. You can also find historical pricing data from all competitors active in the market.

For each product you’ll see three different tabs: Competition data, Product Info, and Price Calculation. Keep reading to learn more about each of these tabs.


Competition data

The Competition Data tab gives you an overview of the competitor pricing information available for a selected product.

The graph is a representation of the market dynamics for this selected product. It also shows the quantity sold and the stock level on specific dates.

The red dotted line represents the market position of the shown article on the selected days, whereas the green dotted line shows the price ratio. You can find an explanation on how these numbers are calculated on this page.

The list of competitors on the right side of this page shows all available price points for a specific product. It also shows shipping costs, estimated delivery time, and the source from which the datapoint is collected.

When you have the Dynamic Pricing module, you can change the weights of the competitors in the pricing strategy section under competition. By selecting competitors in the competitor list, the graph automatically adapts by adding this retailer.

Under the list of competitors you can find pricing information about the current price, and advice price along with the margins.

Use the slider at the bottom of the graph to specify the date for results shown. If you’d like to see more information about a specific date, just click on the desired day in the graph and the results table in the right of the popup will update. Historical data on the products are limitedly shown up to one year prior to the date of today. 


Product Info

The Product Info tab shows all available information that is mapped. This is also where you can add a promotion discount for a product.

To add a promo discount, click the pencil icon in the “Promo discount” row of the Marginal Costs Structure table. Data entry fields will appear below the displayed tables where you can add the discount.

You can add a discount in amount or percentages. You can also select a specific date or unit cap for this discount.


Price calculation

For Dynamic Pricing customers, the Price Calculation tab shows how a dynamic price advice is calculated. You can read more about how the calculation works on this page.