How to check if your import was successful

After changing anything in your feed or import mapping structure, you need to check if the data is imported into the system correctly.

To check if your import was successful, navigate to the Connect section and click Configure shop.

Import statuses
The first indicator that the overall import is successful is the status indicator. If the system was able to reach your data feed and import any data, the status will be "success," as shown in the screenshot below.


If the system was able to reach your data feed, but something requires attention, the system shows a warning. By clicking "More info" the import log expands and tells you what needs attention. This looks as following: 


When the system cannot import any data, an error will be returned. We recommend to setup email alerts for import errors



Checking fields in Preview
After adding/changing the field mapping, you need to check whether the values are imported correctly. This can be done easily in the Preview section. To access this, navigate to Connect > Configure Shop > Preview. 


The preview includes a sample of 40 imported products. All fields that exist in your import mapping are shown in the preview. For all successfully mapped and imported fields, the values are shown. This way you can check if the import was a success.