How do we keep the portal clean and clear

Clean up the Omnia Portal - STEP 2

At Omnia we often notice that due to the flexibility and easy user experience of Omnia, the portals can sometimes become a bit messy with feeds that are not used anymore or unclear naming of pricing actions. Therefore, in the upcoming newsletters we will share tips and tricks to keep your portal clean and to make sure that users and future users of Omnia understand the set-up of your portal.

To keep it manageable, we have divided the clean-up tips into 3 phases. In the previous article, the first step has been explained. Now we will continue with the second step regarding your Pricing Strategy.

Clean up your Pricing Strategy variables in ‘Pricing Strategy’:

1. Clean up your Business Rules
  • Check the active and inactive business rules. Some business rules might be switched off just temporarily, whilst others are permanently switched off. These inactive rules can be deleted.
NOTE: During the check of the business rules, please also write down all the actions that are used in the active business rules. This is useful in cleaning up the Pricing actions in a later stage.
  • Check the names of the Business Rules and try to be consistent in naming these rules. A clear template you can use for this, is:

Brand / Category / Supplier the rule applies to – Action + Details

e.g. the business rules will then all be named like this:
Apple – Follow Apple Dealer, otherwise Minimum Margin

You can use the following template for writing down the business rules and Actions:

Business rule name

Action 1

Action 2

Action 3

2. Clean up your
Pricing Actions
  • Check whether there are actions not being used or inactive. Remove these actions from Omnia to keep the overview clear. You can check which actions are active by checking all business rules and writing down the active actions of the active business rules.
  • Check the names of the Pricing Actions and try to be consistent in naming these rules. A clear template you can use for this, is:

Action – Market – Alteration – Competitor Group
e.g. the actions will then all be named like this:
Choose Priceposition 1 - Amazon – Competitors X, Y and Z

3. Clean up your Competitor list
  • When you receive pricing data from multiple data sources, it can occur that competitors’ shop-names are imported into Omnia with different annotations, whilst in fact it is the same competitor shop. At Omnia we can create aliases to combine various orthographies of shops into one common annotation. Please run through your competitor list to see duplicate names and inform us at so we can create one common name.