Setting a fixed price

Changing individual prices to a fixed level

In some scenarios, you might want to set a different price for a small amount of products due to a variety of reasons. In these scenarios, you want the fixed price to overrule the price advice given by Omnia.

Note - Please take into account that only setting a fixed price via the mapping or product overview does not automatically incorporate the fixed price into your price advice report! Read the steps below to find out how to include these fixed prices in the price advice report. 


How to set a fixed price?

First you have to set the fixed prices for the products via one of these two methods:

  • Fixed prices provided via import mapping

In the import mapping section there is a standard field Fixed Price that you can map. If there is a column in your feed with fixed prices, mapping this field will adapt all fixed prices from that feed. 

  • Set fixed prices for each product via the Product Overview

You can also set fixed prices for individual product via the Product Overview. In the price calculation tab of the product & pricing information screen. there is a field fixed price with a pencil next to it. Clicking this symbol will open up some new fields. 


Using these fields you can define the fixed price for the selected article, along with a start and ending date. If you leave the start and ending date empty, there will not be a defined ending date of the fixed price. 

How to incorporate the fixed prices in my price advice report?

After you have either connected your own field for the fixed prices, or manually set fixed prices for individual products, you should also include this field in your price advice report. Usually, in your price advice report, you should have created a field Price Advice that has the following content:

[Price Advice]

This field pulls the latest calculated price advices from Omnia. However, if you would like to include the fixed prices in your report, this should also be defined. The following formula can be used in the mapping field of this Price Advice field:

If([Fixed Price]>0,[Fixed Price],[Price Advice])

This formula works as follows: if there is a fixed price (greater than 0): select the fixed price for this article. If there is no fixed price, then select the regular price advice. 

Please read more about the price advice reports in this section