Configure shop

Changing the main settings of your shop

In the Configure shop overview, you can see an overview of all basic settings of your shop. 


In the overview, all active groups and connected APIs are shown. You can turn off the automatic imports by toggling the switch next to the Import group button.

Feed groups and APIs

What is a feed group?

All your internal data has to be connected to your account, in order for Omnia to be able to use it. Connecting this data with Omnia can be done via feeds. A feed is a file that contains all individual products in rows of data. All product details are added in separate columns of this datafile. More about adding a feed is explained in this article

A feed group can contain several feeds with one basefeed. This basefeed contains all basic information for all articles, whereas additional information can be supplied via an extra feed. More about linking these extra feeds in this article

What is an API?

APIs - An API is a way to connect data from external tools to Omnia. In this section you can see an overview of these possibilities. 

Change the settings of a shop

Configure feeds - In the configure feeds section, you can add, edit, and link feeds to your shop.

Import mapping - In the mapping section, you can map the columns from your own data to the correct fields in Omnia

Filtering - Set up filters to filter out specific products

Preview - Show a preview of the data that is imported