Set up alerts to receive an automatic e-mail in case of a warning or error

Sometimes Omnia might not be able to import a feed because your SFTP is not working properly. In other cases a price advice report might give a warning because some export field values cannot be calculated properly. As explained in this article, there can be numerous reasons why a warning or error is shown in Omnia. 

Luckily, there is a setting in Omnia where you can alert yourself or a colleague when something like this occurs. By navigating to Settings and clicking the Alerting tab, you can set up an alert:


First you need to give the alert a name. Additionally, you can select the source/alert type. This dropdown lets you select which process you would like to receive notifications from:

Connect - all warnings and errors related to the import section
Report - related to all report exports
Marketing channel - related to all channels from the marketing module 

Finally, you can set one or multiple email addresses that will receive these notifications.